marți, 27 iunie 2017

The rest is history or an excuse to post Amanda Palmer & Edward Ka-Spel

In the begninning there was the word
Then ... there was  english language
There were Lords of Darkness showing their true faces to little girls who wished to be little ladies of darkness themselves
There was that historic documentary in which that girl ( what´s her name?) was never casted.
But, most importantly, it was at the school of dead living beings where she first felt the itch on her foot.
There was sand where she barried it
And some sea, and some false lashes.
And there was the new order which moved things from here to there
Which made Mr Black eventually leave without his blue trombone
Found by me in a fancy little garden near some kids doing math exercises. ( So I took it! )
There were many other things, but I wouldn´t know cause I left.
(Can someone tell me what happened to the blue dog with a green apple on his head?)