joi, 17 aprilie 2014

Me and Satan (On the Phone)

Satan este un prieten mai vechi de-al meu care, dupa cum ati aflat deja din filme, nu vorbeste decat limba engleza, asa ca aceasta serie ( daca va interesa pe cineva asa o serie pacatoasa ) se va desfasura in engleza. 

*Ring-Ring- Telephone Ring

- Hello.
- Hi there, missy!
- Oh, hi Satan! What's up?
- Hmm, nothing much ... actually I was wondering ... hmmm ...
- What?
- Hmmm ...
- Come on, just tell me. What were you wondering about?
- You know, it's always me calling you. So I was wondering if I wouldn't call you ... let's say for a week, would call to check on me?
- ....
- Well, would you?
- Satan, what the fuck is wrong with you?  Are you some kind of woman on menopause or what?
- See? There you go again. It was just a question, you don't have to be so agressive.
- Have you been drinking?
- No, dear, I just want to know if It's only me being your friend.
- Pfffff ... In the first place you never give me the chance to call you cause you are bothering me all the time. In the second place you know I don't use my phone because it's too expensive while for you is free to call whenever you want so ... what else do you want from me? Do you want me to get you some flowers too?
- Stop being such a smart ass. It was a reasonable question.
- Alright, since we are on the sincere questions mode, I have one too.
- Shoot.
- Being friend with you means that I will definitely go to hell no matter how much of a nice person I am, doesn't it?
- Hahaha, now can I ask you ... have you been drinking? Hahahaha ...
- What's so funny?
- In the first place I don't believe you would like to go in any other place except "Hell".
- That wasn't the point ...
- In the second place I am very curious how much of a nice person do you think you are?
- What's that supuse to mean?
-Do you really think that the only reason you might go to Hell is that you are friend with me? Very modest, what can I say. Now come on, let's get real! Do you want to get together and shit on bus seats?
- Yes, sure!

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